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'''Don Greenwood''' is a board game designer and was a pioneer editor among commercial board-wargaming magazines. He began his own fanzine, ''Panzerfaust Magazine'', which he oversaw from 1967 until 1972. He then joined The Avalon Hill Game Company in 1972, and took over editorship of that company's "house organ", ''The General Magazine'', which office he held until 1982. He left Avalon Hill and continued to work in the wargame industry, notably for GMT Games. He is the founder of the Origins International Game Expo|Origins, Avaloncon, and World Boardgaming Championships|WBC gaming conventions and remains the WBC convention manager. Greenwood is also president of the Boardgame Players Association. He was inducted into the Origins Award hall of fame in 1991[ Hall of Fame] and the Charles S. Roberts Award hall of fame in 1994. He was honored as...
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